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Humus de lombriz 20 kg (40l.) Ver más grande

Humus de lombriz 20 kg (40l.)

Abono 100% natural. Saco de 20 kg.

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          Product suitable for organic farming          

Characteristics and properties

The humus is an organic fertilizer by transforming the manure into vermicompost Through California Red Worm. Suitable for organic farming. The specific properties of vermicompost Give this product a highly enriching for use in horticulture, gardening action ... Being suitable for all crops. It can be used in direct contact With the root and even Exceed dose not burn the plants. The vermicompost contains calcium, potassium, phosphorus and other mineral elements. Also it has enzymes That Improve soil fertility and help the elements That growth of plants. It Also Improves soil water retention and has a neutral pH. That has Phytoregulators elements help to Strengthen growth and contains plants and microorganisms for plant growth.

Recommended dosage and method of use

  • Seed, planters and pots: 20% of vermicompost and 80% of substrate (see substrate With humus).
  • Gardening General in: as basal dressing using humus 8-10 kg per 100 m2 of land. During transplantation, add 40-50 g of humus by Contacting the plant root.
  • Flower and ornamental plants: contact 50-200gr During transplanting root and 1 time a month for maintenance. Apply and water.
  • Fruit and ornamental shrubs and trees: 0.5 to 2kg (Depending on the size of the tree) in Contact with the roots During transplanting and 1 time per year for maintenance. Watering after application.
  • Lawn: 20-50 kg of humus per 100 m2 at planting. Paid annual humus 4-5 kg ​​per 10 m2. Apply water ..
  • Vineyards: 1 to 1.5 kg per vine root contact, planting and annual maintenance. Apply and water.

It is packaged in low density polyethylene, recyclable materials to be deposited in the yellow container.



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